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Playset Reviews

Our customers have told us often how much they love their playsets. We wanted to be able to share some of their comments. Below you will see just a handful of the many great reviews we have received from our satisfied customers. Stop by one of our dealers and see what makes our playsets the choice of parents everywhere.

My son loves to play outside. I am grateful that he doesn’t like to sit inside all day and play on the iPad. We purchased a Model 1700 for our son and he now spends hours outside swinging, climbing and playing make believe. We LOVE the quality of our Country Playset product. We highly recommend!!
Ronnie H. – Ellijay, GA

I wanted to surprise our children for Christmas last year. My husband and I talked about it and started doing our research for the best playset for our little family. We found Country Playsets on the internet and loved their American built products. We ended up purchasing the Ark and our children totally LOVE it!!
Rebecca J. – Chattanooga, TN

My wife and I have 3 young boys who have a ton of energy. We knew that if we wanted to keep our house in one piece, it meant our boys would need to spend lots of time outside. We also knew our boys were rough and needed a very solid playset to play on. At a local dealer and found the Model 1000 was perfect for our boys. Kudos to Country Playsets!!!
Jason H. – Nashville, TN

We homeschool our five kids. We knew we needed some kind of playset for them to be able to play on during our recess periods. We found Country Playsets on the internet and found a dealer in our town. We went and tried them all out. We purchased the Mini-Ark and it is awesome!!
Mitzi G. – Bessemer, AL


Over 90% of Americans now research the internet before making a purchase. We have put together a Playset Buying Guide that will help you learn all you need to learn before you spend your money. Download this FREE guide today to learn which buying mistakes to avoid. These helpful tips will make your buying process a smooth & successful one.