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Our medium size playset offerings are our Model 1300 and our Model 1700. Our Model 1300 playset offers a 5′ x 7′ platform area that is covered by lp cedar shakes. Like our Model 1300, it features 2 swing positions as well as a trapeze bar. It also features a wooden ladder and our sturdy green slide. The Model 1300 offers and extra large sandbox area under the multi-level platform area. The Model 1700 comes with a 4′ x 6′ platform area as wells as two swing positions, a trapeze bar, and a slide. Instead of having a sandbox area under the platform, the Model 1700 comes with a great picnic table and seating so your kids can enjoy a nice picnic in their playset. As with all of our other playset models, both the 1300 and the 1700 can be purchased using our Rent-To-Own playset buying option.


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